when people are free…part 1

By | May 10, 2013

woman at easeWhen people are free, they relate in a whole different way than those who are not.  People who are internally free, recognize that they are separate from others and are secure in their own identity, regardless of what is said or implied about them.  They are not triggered by other people’s comments, directly or indirectly aimed at them.  They recognize that other people have their perceptions of reality and it’s okay to have a differing perspective.  There is a clear sense of personal value and purpose, even if that purpose is not clearly defined.  They are able to hear very confrontational statements and not react out of anger or shame, because they understand that each person has a valuable contribution and whether others agree or disagree with them, something can be learned by the exchange.  They aren’t in competition with others.

People who are internally free also recognize that they are vitally motherteresahelpingconnected to others.  They bring their true selves into interactions with others and trust that their contribution is valuable for the overall benefit of all. Whether sharing bold, obvious contributions or those that are seemingly insignificant, people who are free are authentic and offer what they have to give without analyzing the impact.  They present their ideas, gifts, talents, and service and accept whatever may come.  They are free from a need for approval or accolades.  They are content to play their part, in whatever capacity, with the sheer satisfaction that sharing their humble gifts is a good and worthy pursuit.

Group acceptancePeople who are free are easy to be around.  They don’t live life from a dysfunctional rulebook, but instead have healed and have broken out of destructive systems imposed on them by others… even things established from childhood.  They relate with others in a straight-forward manner.  There is no guessing at true intentions.  What you see is what you get.  However, this type of freedom is bathed in a powerful ingredient… love.  People who are free know they are loved just as they are.  They have ceased trying to earn anyone’s approval or affection.  They know they are worthy of it, whether they tangibly experience it or not.  They know the power of love and, therefore, authentically leverage it in their relationships with others.

Free people love courageously and make a difference in the world worth noting.  I don’t know about you, but I’d love to experience more of these by-products of personal freedom!

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