when people are free… part 2

By | July 3, 2013

When people are free, they are able to give of themselves to othercarefree+lifes without need of recognition or kudos.  The chains that once bound them – fears, shame, competition, insecurity – no longer have a hold.  They have learned that it truly is better to give than to receive.  They find great fulfillment in serving others and spending themselves for the benefit of someone else, because all they want…all they long for…is fully satisfied.  It is FULLY satisfied! 

How is this possible?  How can anyone be so satisfied in their life of serving others that they are able to keep giving?  What does one do?  Where does one go to find such satisfaction for the deep thirsts of their soul?  What is the answer to the mystery behind someone who lives in this way?  What have they discovered?

The truth resonates within all of us  >>>MY SOUL LONGS FOR MORE!!!!

The cry of our hearts are the same>>> THERE MUST BE MORE!!

And there IS!!!

This is what those who are truly free have discovered.  They have discovered the MORE…

What is it?  Where is it?  How can I have it?

There is One solution to the mystery.  One.  We mVietnamust let go.  We must surrender.  We must trust in something  bigger than ourselves.  The MORE we long for…is BEYOND OUR SELVES!  It is profound… almost unbelievable.  You know its true, because your heart is telling you THERE MUST BE MORE than just little ole me.   And there is…   There is…

If you want to be free, you must embrace that there is someone… or something… beyond yourself that holds you as a part of the whole.  There is a spiritual being …or entity… or force thoceanat is holding us all together.  And you are a valuable part of it.  When we accept the DIVINE nature of our existence and the incredible flow of all created things in the pulse of life, we can join in the dance.  We GET to be a part of something so amazing. We are not just a drop in the ocean.  We have a purpose and a place in the ocean teeming with powerful life!

In this ocean….among all the others… your drop IS SIGNIFICANT!  You belong!  You are loved!  You have great value & worth!  When you embrace that truth and begin to connect with your spirit to this divine beauty of your existence, you will begin to come alive and experience freedom to boldly live out your destiny!  Open your heart and receive this truth! This is real living!  This is FREEDOM!

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