what is life coaching?

Life coaching is a unique approach to personal and professional development.  It is not counseling or therapy, but is a challenging, supportive, and confidential partnership between the client and coach for the forward growth and development of the client. Coaching works on the premise that each individual has within themselves a sense of their personal path.  Sometimes, we just need a little assistance to discover it, embrace it, and take steps that bring us into better life alignment!


We’ve all been created with a unique DNA that anchors us to certain passions, gifts, and dreams that only die if we allow them to. It’s a tragedy that so many people go through life wishing for something more but choosing to remain unfulfilled and convinced that life can’t get any better or that they don’t have what it takes to accomplish their dreams.

There are things we cannot control in our lives. But, there are also choices we make in life to help our destiny come to pass.  Often there is risk involved on our part at crucial steps along the way.  Working with a professional coach may be the catalyst you need to move you past whatever has you stuck or unproductive.

I want to challenge you to choose to hope…hope for the positive possibilities… and then begin to take concrete steps towards seeing that hope become a reality.  Partnering with a professional coach can give you the edge you need to accelerate your progress and reach your goals sooner.  It can provide non-biased support while working to accomplish your dreams, regardless of how others may have responded to your ideas in the past. While I personally have a Christian faith foundation, I allow my clients to be where they are in their spiritual journey and support them from a place of God’s unconditional love.

I am honored to get to partner with individuals who need a safe and supportive place to explore the truth about who they are, what they are created to be/do, and how they’re living that out.  This life coaching partnership is sure to be an adventure…full of discovery, challenge, empowerment, accomplishment, joy, freedom, & fulfillment!  I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the possibility of partnering with you in your journey!


Coach Penny