While Life Coaching can be mysterious to those who have yet to experience it, the testimonies of clients speak of it’s powerful life-changing impact.  Here are what some of my clients have said…

“Penny was great at filtering and narrowing down where the needs of focus were for me. She allowed me to figure out what needed to happen in my life, rather than telling me what to do.  Penny is very empowering.  She is very attentive and asks the right questions to get you thinking without giving you the answers. I also like that she was Christ focused. Even though it might not be a necessity for everyone, but for my needs that was so impactful that she is adaptable and that it was a genuine connection and partnership. ”  Jessica    St. Louis, MO

“The most beneficial aspect for me in utilizing a life coach was having someone to help me sort through the things I was stating verbally and ensuring that they matched up to what I was truly feeling and doing.  As a widow and single parent, I rarely get the opportunity to work through the challenges life presents with anyone, let alone the entanglements of day to day living.  Penny’s voice was one of comfort, discernment, reassurance, and encouragement.”   Karen     Sullivan, IL

GregWorking with Penny has been HUGELY beneficial to me as I transition from a large corporate job to a mid-sized start up company. Her gentle yet ‘tough-love’ approach challenges me to confront my internal blocks, unhook, and push forward! Every session, I walk away grateful that she is in my corner.”   Greg    Minneapolis, MN

“Penny has a real talent for hearing the words that you say but also the messages behind your words.  She asks excellent questions that drive the discovery process and uncover ideas you didn’t know you had.  Penny picks up on patterns I don’t see, which is extremely helpful for me in summarizing and drawing conclusions in our sessions.  She is an excellent listener – and has a special way of confirming her understanding that makes me think, ‘Yes!  That’s what I meant, and it makes even more sense when you say it that way!'”   Allison    Chicago, IL

“As a life coach, Penny Moisson has a knack for helping you move beyond the surface or façade and dive into the core issues at hand. Penny is positive and caring in her approach while not afraid to ask that insightful question or give you an encouraging nudge when needed. By working with Penny, I certainly have a better understanding of self and have been able to discover the person I am meant to be.”  Kyle     Mahomet, IL

“Penny has a great mix of warmth and no nonsense. She grasped things very quickly, and was able to give very concrete suggestions…. She is clearly very knowledgeable about coaching, and has excellent experience.  My experience with her was very helpful. I haven’t hesitated to recommend her to others.”  Sue    Urbana, IL

“Penny is naturally talented at asking pertinent questions and getting to the core of the problem, fast. She made me feel like I was important, I mattered…just the way I am.”  Windy       Nashville, TN