Setting Your Intentions – Resurrecting a Spiritual Practice

By | September 1, 2015

morning chaos

When you rise to start your day, what anchors you for how you will live that day?  Many people are off to the races from the moment their feet hit the floor.  Some grab their phones to check emails or Facebook before they even throw off the covers. How often do we rush into our day without pausing to set our intentions for the day?

What are your intentions for your life? What are your intentions for this next month…for this day? Intentions are the purposes or goals behind your actions…what you INTEND to accomplish. It is common for people to live unintentionally, allowing the demands of family, children, work, or culture to carry them along in life. Then, at the end of their life, they look back with regret, wishing they had lived differently. We have the opportunity to do it differently, though, and experience a richer existence!

To live intentionally means to take responsibility for our lives. Living intentionally throws off the victim mentality that leads us to feel like our stressful or unwanted life circumstances are everyone else’s fault and begins to assess what is within our control. We stop blaming and begin to take action. When anchored in our personal values and priorities, living intentionally produces a life more aligned with the desires of our heart.

So, how can you set your intentions? One practice that seems to be undervalued and left out of many of our lives is grounding ourselves spiritually each day. Spiritual grounding is to get out of our heads and into our hearts, connecting with something bigger than ourselves and the deeper purposes of our lives.

As a Christian, I daily anchor myself in relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, & Father God. I take a few minutes in a quiet place (in some seasons this has been in the bathroom or the shower) and I remind myself who I am in relation to my God. I own my need for forgiveness and desire to have a loving, merciful, and generous heart towards others, even when they wrong me. I remind myself what I have been created for and the character I want to exhibit in my daily activities and interactions with others. I open myself up for fresh wisdom for the day to wash over me, as well as creative direction. I welcome the Spirit to empower me and strengthen me as I acknowledge my own fears and sense of human limitation. THEN, I start my day… with THIS INTENTION!

As a result, I have peace and joy and energy to serve and love and give generously. By setting my intentions on a regular basis through a practice of daily spiritual grounding, I am becoming more of who I believe I’m created to be. It has taken me years to develop this practice…this discipline…and it’s still evolving all the time, but I no longer am carried along by the rushing culture around me. I am choosing my path as I align myself with what is important to me. And, I am having a blast living this life, as I face each day with intention…with God!

woman intentionsI encourage you, if you don’t already have a practice of setting your intentions each day, to spend 5 minutes at the start of your day to remind yourself who you are and what you want to exude in your being that day.  Allow the Spirit to wash over you with love…THEN start your day. I pray you’d experience a greater richness of life as you practice such intention in the days ahead.


Peace, love….and much joy!