Risky Business: A Practice of Faith

By | September 13, 2016

I am growing tired of receiving emails in my in-box or telemarketing calls or even people stopping by my door to sellgimmick me something. I get “business”. At its core, business is about making money. If you’re not making money, you’re doing “bad business”. However, I really despise sales pitches and being told why I must have this or that product.  I hate deception and don’t like the agenda-driven conversations I’ve experienced far too often with business owners or sales people, doubting their sincerity.  I don’t care if you believe God led you to start your business or that if I join you I, too, could make a boatload of money!  I don’t want a line of BS so you get what you want & I get used!

So, imagine my challenge as a Business Owner!!!  As the CEO of Empowered U Coaching, I face daily temptation to learn the tricks and apply the “wisdom” that will get me more clients and grow my business!  I started down that path last year and deep inside, I knew it wasn’t right for me!  I want to succeed as a coach and to do that, I must have clients.  But, as soon as I committed to NOT run my business driven by fear of not getting clients, people miraculously started contacting me.  There is no other lesson in this for me than one of faith!  Yes, I have some basic tools in place to make my presence known on the internet (and even a sign in my yard), but I get clients because they seek me out.  I have no idea why, other than I pray and ask God to send me who He wants me to work with.

I decided that if I choose to live with integrity and am trustworthy with people, I will have all the clients I want/need to have a growing business.  I really do want to help people and see them thriving in their lives.  I know that THAT is what motivates my coaching practice.  Seeing others grow and experiencing more freedom and life brings me tremendous joy!  It’s not for the money.  So, why don’t I give it away for free?  Well, I guess that would be considered “bad business”…and that might keep people away…   But truthfully, I believe that what I offer as a coach is really valuable….worth the $60-$100/session that I charge (a deal for this field).  Some people spend more than that on personal training at the gym or on massages or hair/nail budgets.  I believe that by offering people a safe, non-biased partnership that challenges and assists people towards a life of more freedom and joy is worth their investment!

I’m taking a risk, spelled F-A-I-T-H, that those who need what I offer as a coach will find me and contact me.  I completely believe they will benefit greatly from Believetheir coaching experience with me, as many others have.  I’m not going to “sell” my product, or offer any lines about coaching that “you can’t refuse”.  If you’re being led to connect with me as your coach, here I am.  Our journey together will be spiritual, interesting, and wrought with a rich life experience for your journey.  Each person’s life is significant, quite unique, and meant for something good!  What if more people resisted the sales gimmick?  Could there be another way to successful business??  I’m not sure, but I’m taking the risk!