Redefining My Coaching Practice

By | February 26, 2019

I have played it safe for these past 7 years, hoping to reach the maximum number of people in my role as a life coach.  I have been conservative in my approach – arms wide open to anyone looking for help.  I avoided being outwardly “Christian” so that I wouldn’t limit my pool of potentially interested clients, knowing that all people could benefit from working with me as a coach.  But, times have changed… and I have been changed along the way, too!

As I have met with clients over the years, the ability to strategize, encourage, challenge, and assist people towards their goals has been positive.  I think my clients, in general, would tell you they have had more success in working with me than continuing to push through on their own (or even working with counselors, etc…). BUT, I reached a limit in my ability to assist certain clients.  Some people need something that is beyond my human capacity.  They need empowerment from the Spirit of God!

Working with these clients forced me to re-evaluate what I’m offering as a life coach.  I believe God has called me to so much more than to just assist people in their goal accomplishment by strategizing and practical application.  Even though I was praying for my clients, I believe that bringing this aspect – partnering with the Living God – is a vital component for anyone to experience true freedom and joy and to live out their true God-given purpose for this life.

I can speak to my clients, inspired by His Spirit…and I can pray on behalf of them.  But, what I’m really passionate about is helping people experience the life God created them for.  If my clients aren’t interested in God’s plans for heir lives, and they want to live from their own agendas for a life of worldly success, then I’m not the coach for them.  I love people too much to let them flounder in a life they are creating for them self, when I believe it will eventually lead to an empty life, devoid of Divine purpose.  They may “do good” in the world, but I’m to spend my life building God’s Kingdom here on earth, not enabling people to chase after their own human-driven pursuits.

And as I type this…I feel lighter.  As I align my life and role as a “life coach” more with who God has created me to be, this alignment with truth is setting me free!  We’ll see where this “act of faith” – declaring this change in my life – will lead, but as I encourage my clients to live from their truth, so must I!               With my heart, Coach Penny