NOW is the Time to Lose That Weight!

By | December 27, 2016

Are you facing another January thinking, “This year I want to lose 15+lbs”?  If not, congratulations on beating the bulge! If so, NOW IS THE TIME to do it!  Let me light a little fire under you and encourage you to get started! Some of us (including me) need a little push to “Just do this”.

muffin-topIf you put off your weight-loss goals any longer, you’ll continue being unsatisfied with your physique and a heaviness (pun intended) will hang over you, stealing your joy and depressing your zeal for life another year. It’s imperative that you commit to your weight-loss goals and take action NOW because every week that goes by is potentially another pound or two gained that you’ll have to work harder to lose later on.  By doing nothing, you can expect nothing better than what you have right now…and possibly something worse.  Will you be satisfied with that a year from now?

Perhaps, you want to lose weight because you’re trying to reach a certain number on the scale, or maybe you really do feel the belly bulge and aren’t happy about your muffin top.  Whatever the reason, unless you have reconciled that your body is simply going to be heavier or “fluffier”
than you think you should be, you will continue to beat yourself up over the extra pounds until you do something about it.  That negative energy will reduce your quality of life and keep you from being and doing more of what you want to in life. Stop wishing it away and this year commit to doing something about it!

I wish I could tell you that I have a magic pill that will make this weight-loss venture easier, but the reality is, you won’t lose weight without hard work, sweat, and moments of discomfort. I’m not going to candy-coat it for you.  In fact, I believe that what will get us past wishing to actually taking action, is to soberly ponder, face, and embrace the difficult challenge ahead.  Waking up and feeling like we don’t want to exercise, then blowing it off, CANNOT BE AN OPTION going into this.  Continuing to buy the same snack foods and promising to just eat less of them this time simply will not work!  Taking a soft approach and giving ourselves a way out of our commitment will continue to be a trap, as it has been for all the years that got us to this point.  Sure, grace is always present, but we must position ourselves for the long haul, not an easy out.

In order to be successful at losing weight or finally getting in shape, there must be a deep jumping-ropecommitment to make some real changes and press through the difficulty when it comes.  It will come!  It’s easy to focus on a plan and the desired outcome, but the reality of the day-to-day challenge of sticking to the plan is where the real struggle lies.  If you hope it will be easier this time, forget it!  You’re not ready.  When you decide to face the challenge with COURAGE, accepting that it will be hard and you still want to do it, YOU ARE READY!

So, aside from making a commitment to embrace suffering in the months ahead, I strongly recommend getting an accountability partner who will serve as STRENGTH for you when you feel weak. You may opt to contact that person on a regular basis to report about your progress, or perhaps even invite them on the journey with you.  If you plan to join a gym where others will be present, I challenge you to tell a few people what your exercise goals are.  How often can they expect to see you at the gym or in class? How might they help you stick to your plan?

Statistics show that when we go public and share our commitment and goals with others, we are far more likely to achieve them.  In 2011, I trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon. The #1 thing keeping me committed to my training regimen was telling everyone I knew what I was working towards.  I also worked with a team of people who were training for the same marathon.  Having others cheering me on in my goal kept me getting up for 6am Saturday morning runs when I was exhausted, running in humid 90′ heat and freezing 40′ rain, and completing 10-18  mile runs while on vacations. Don’t do this alone!  workout-partner

Now is the time to act!  Putting your weight-loss goals off any longer will only decrease your overall quality of life and leave you feeling bad about yourself for another year.  Adversely, by committing to start now, the sooner your energy levels will increase, your body will start to change, and you’ll have personal satisfaction from taking back an area of your life that had gotten away from you.  Setup a plan, get a partner, and let’s do this! 

I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish in the year ahead!   

Cheers for a healthy & happy 2017!

Coach Penny