live adventurously

By | January 23, 2013

There was a time when I lived scared. Things always seemed just beyond my reach. I either felt I wasn’t qualified or not “good enough” or lacked finances or just listened to all the negative tapes planted in my mind from certain people in my life. My knee jerk reaction to opportunities was to assume they weren’t for me or it would be too hard for me to experience them. When I turned 40, I decided it was time to stop living according to the negative thinking and put action to my passion for life. The risks have been worth it and my life has been richer for it! Stir up your dreams & experience the “more” of life!  Scuba Diving in Mexico

Here I am on my first SCUBA experience.  I was traveling with a friend in Mexico and she was afraid to be under water that far and for that long.  I was nervous to go, too, but I really wanted the experience so I went with a tour group without my friend.  I was sad that she missed out, but so glad I took the risk to step outside of my comfort zone.  The underwater world is AMAZING!!!

Extreme Ziplining in St. Maarten

On a trip with some friends to St Marteen, we decided to go ziplining. Wait. Did I say ziplining? I meant EXTREME ziplining! We climbed ladders and secured our own gear to platforms high above the ravine. We leaped at our own risk of…death…literally. Oh, but it was soooo worth it. The view was amazing… that is after I relaxed a bit to open my eyes and see the crystal blue waters through the trees. I screamed and laughed and tried to figure out a way to capture the experience. Well, let’s just say…I dare you to live…adventurously!

In Port Willunga, Australia

Have you ever had a random opportunity that totally took you by surprise? Well, this one was one of those times. I was invited to a friends’ wedding in the great “down under”… Australia. The expense of the trip alone was almost enough to keep me from going. But, this was an opportunity of a lifetime! I began making arrangements for all of my  responsibilities at home and bought my plane ticket. Gulp! Then, all by myself, I hopped on a plane and made the journey around the world and back. It was incredibly fulfilling knowing that I made the decision to do something I really wanted to do and then made it happen. I had the privilege of blessing a friend by attending her far-away wedding and made a ton of great memories! No regrets on that one!

Chicago Marathon“I….am… not…. a runner!” “I am not a runner!” “I cannot run!” If these thoughts were true, then how is it that I ran an entire marathon? It happened as a result of a commitment. I believed for much of my life that my body just wasn’t made for running. I would go out for a jog, reach the stop sign at the end of the block, and desperately try to catch my breath before heading back home and calling it a day. The problem was, I didn’t have the tools to be a runner…until I made the commitment to get them and implement them and accomplish one of my “impossible dreams”. Seriously, I now believe that NOTHING is impossible! I cannot and will not listen to the lies in my past or present that try to keep me from giving life my all. I believe many of us live way below what we were created for. I fully intend to run my race…every last mile of it…giving it my best efforts, fueled by the passion

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