20 days in… DON’T GIVE UP!

By | January 20, 2013

You’ve taken the leap of faith!  A new year has begun and you had the opportunity to start fresh in some area of your life.  Some say New Year’s Resolutions don’t last visionpast March because people start strong and then the unexpected happens.  Things get challenging, temptations creep in, and the once bright & exciting vision… begins to fade.  But, chin up!  You don’t have to quit another resolution.  You don’t have to repeat past failure.  Stand up, dust off your rump, & get back at it!  Don’t quit before you make it to your goal.  Even with a setback, DON’T GIVE UP!

An important key to success in your goals is to keep the vision in front of you.  As soon as you lose your vision, you’ll find yourself easing up on the strength of your commitment.  You’ll sleep-in instead of making the workout.  You’ll miss a day of your reading and start to feel discouraged that you’re falling behind.  You’ll go ahead and bake the batch of cookies…and eat them…all of them.  When you feel yourself slipping, pause, breathe, & remind yourself of your vision.

The minor imperfections on our path are bound to happen. If we start to focus on our failure, we’ll grow in discouragement and throw in the towel all together. This is where you have the choice to GET BACK IN THE GAME!  Accept that you are a work in progress.  The key is forward movement!  Keep going. Remind yourself of the vision that got you started in that direction to begin with.  Where did you want to go?  What did you want to accomplish?  Remind yourself….then get re-inspired!

There are great movies out there that can stir our creativity and re-envision us with the possibility of human triumph in the midst of adversity.  Maybe you know of a song that really hits your heart.  Maybe you have a hero that you need to reconnect with, either personally or by reading their bio or blog.  Find that friend who will be the voice of truth and affirmation in your moments of struggle.  Find a scripture or word of wisdom to hang on your mirror…to REMIND YOU OF THE VISION.  Consider getting a Life Coach to keep you moving towards your vision!  If you let it slip away, your chances of accomplishing your goal drastically diminishes.  Keep your vision before you and DON’T ACCEPT FAILURE!  You’re just 20 days into the new year.  You’ve got time for course correction.  Don’t be discouraged.  Change takes time.  You can do it!  Hang in there and DON’T GIVE UP!

Your best is yet to come!

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