Give It Your Best Shot

By | February 3, 2015

I have decided that I’m going to live life simply trying to give it my best shot! I mean, why do we wait for others to give us some sort of permission before we step out and do what we feel we’re called to do? What if we took the initiative? I’ve heard many say they need to wait on God’s timing…which may be true in some cases…but for many, they wait on something from God that will never come…not because He’s unwilling to give, but because it’s ALREADY BEEN GIVEN! He put gifts and talents in each one of us. He’s impressed certain things in our hearts and minds and inspired us in certain directions…and yet many still wait for the “sign” to act. What if the things we need come along the way…as we act? What if the ongoing transformation is meant to come…in the going?

“The going” may mean we purposefully focus on developing a skill or gathering resources for what is coming. We don’t need to feel paralyzed, waiting to begin the journey towards what we feel ultimately called to do because we’re afraid of taking initiative. The initiative began when God put in you the very things brewing for your destiny!

And can we talk about the prevalent fear of “missing God”? Many won’t even take the next step in pursuing their purpose without fear of failure…or at least appearing that they missed God’s timing or His guidance all together. I guarantee that even those who “get it right” and are acting according to the perfect will of God will face trials along the way. Emerging challenges or trials along the journey don’t mean you missed God or are out of His will. Perhaps, the fact is that stepping out into new territory, leading in a new direction, bringing a fresh idea that is different than the status quo intrinsically clash with things as they are.  You WILL feel an initial resistance…and excitement, perhaps…but very possibly a pulling back that screams “Are you sure you want to do this?” And then the voice of fear that haunts, “What if I fail?”

So, what is failure anyway? Is it not more of a “failure” to have never stepped out and tried to do what you sense a calling to do than to have never tried at all? And will you give up with the first bit of resistance or will you determine to persevere and keep allowing the journey to refine you and teach you and evolve you into something better? Will you have to face your fear of loss or redefine what it means to have enough in life or what will make you happy? Having been transformed in our journey through life into something better…now that is “success”, if you ask me! And if the initial idea doesn’t look the same in the end, who cares? Perhaps the first step to starting on the journey unlocks the next piece of the puzzle that brings the next piece, which brings the next piece, etc… until we arrive at a destination we never could have seen from the outset. And I’m sure…by faith…it WILL be more than we ever hoped or imagined!

And then, upon our deathbed, we can exclaim…”I gave it my best shot”! crossing the finish line

And that’s all anyone can ask!


Let’s do this!