Choosing Freedom Because We Only Have One Shot at Life

By | April 4, 2016

We have one shot at this life. For some of us, we will live into our 90’s. For others, this could be our last week with an unexpected ending just around the corner. Many of us live like we have plenty of time to change our lives – to be better, do something more meaningful, go somewhere we always wanted to go, or live like we know we should have for years. Why are we waiting? Why are we putting off doing what our heart has been telling us to do for years?

As we enter the Spring and a time of fresh beginnings, I challenge you to take some time to answer the question: What would I be doing differently in my life if there was nothing holding me back.

Fear is a common force that holds many of us back. Like a wet blanket, it  takes our vibrant moments of inspiration and turns them into soggy  impossibilities. Courage, however, leads us to say “yes!” when we can’t see  the details of the plan ahead. “Faith”, as some call it, gives your heart a  sense of the possibilities when your mind envisions the multitude of  possible obstacles.

The difference between living by faith and living by fear is simply the “yes” factor. When we stand at the edge of a cliff and our fears say “Don’t jump!”, faith lifts us up and says “Do it! You will fly!” It doesn’t matter how much calculating occurs in that moment. Even the most strategic success plan can be hindered by our fears, if we allow it. But, if we choose to step into opportunities as they come with confidence and FAITH that what is meant to be will be, life opens up before us and beautiful, unexpected things emerge.

I once was afraid to sing and play guitar in front of people, but now I consider it an honor. It’s not about how perfectly I perform. It has become about how genuinely and fully I can share my gift. My job is simply to offer what I have and who I am in my truest form. What happens as a result, I leave up to God. As I offer myself as a living sacrifice, I don’t fear judgment or criticism of me. I share myself and trust my Creator to gain whatever He pleases in this vessel He created. I now have freedom here…

I once was afraid of judgment for using resources for my travels around the world, but I have learned to trust that there is purpose in my passion to travel. I don’t have to justify it to others. I simply yield to the unction to ‘go’ and share myself along the way. On my recent travels to Spain, apart from simply enjoying the experience with friends, I sat by a woman on the plane whose husband had just had a heart attack thousands of miles away. I was present enough to notice her grief and offered to pray with her and hug her as she wept on my shoulder. Perhaps that was my only significance of being on that trip, but it mattered to that woman and I’m glad I took the opportunity to go. I now have freedom here…

I once was afraid to share my honest opinions about various topics, but I have learned that my opinion is no more… and no less… important that anyone else’s. I am free to feel and think as I do. Sometimes when I share my unique perspectives, it causes others to change their own….and sometimes, I am challenged to modify my own. But without sharing myself, I cannot give what I have to offer and impact my world or be impacted by it. I now have freedom here…

That is why my battle cry for life, like William Wallace as depicted in the movie Braveheart is “Freedom”! It is a terrible tragedy when a person gives fear power to hold him or herself back from truly sharing themselves and living fully. I lived that way for most of my life…but no more! Our voice must be strong. Our choice must be courageous. Anchored in our Creator’s wisdom, we best bring Him glory when we fully reflect who He has created us to be. Don’t put off another minute what your heart is telling you that you are meant to do/be. Join with me as we overcome our enemy and shout….FREEDOM!!!!! This is your one shot! Make it count!