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Redefining My Coaching Practice

I have played it safe for these past 7 years, hoping to reach the maximum number of people in my role as a life coach.  I have been conservative in my approach – arms wide open to anyone looking for help.  I avoided being outwardly “Christian” so that I wouldn’t limit my pool of potentially… Read More »

NOW is the Time to Lose That Weight!

Are you facing another January thinking, “This year I want to lose 15+lbs”?  If not, congratulations on beating the bulge! If so, NOW IS THE TIME to do it!  Let me light a little fire under you and encourage you to get started! Some of us (including me) need a little push to “Just do… Read More »

Risky Business: A Practice of Faith

I am growing tired of receiving emails in my in-box or telemarketing calls or even people stopping by my door to sell me something. I get “business”. At its core, business is about making money. If you’re not making money, you’re doing “bad business”. However, I really despise sales pitches and being told why I… Read More »

Choosing Freedom Because We Only Have One Shot at Life

We have one shot at this life. For some of us, we will live into our 90’s. For others, this could be our last week with an unexpected ending just around the corner. Many of us live like we have plenty of time to change our lives – to be better, do something more meaningful,… Read More »

Living Fully: Developing a Lifestyle of Learning

When I was a young adult, I was so set on proving to everyone that I was smart and capable and good.  Truthfully, there were many things I didn’t know, but I didn’t want to appear dumb or uneducated, so I pretended I knew….everything!  HAHA!!! I was so prideful and insecure.  I didn’t want anyone… Read More »

Give It Your Best Shot

I have decided that I’m going to live life simply trying to give it my best shot! I mean, why do we wait for others to give us some sort of permission before we step out and do what we feel we’re called to do? What if we took the initiative? I’ve heard many say… Read More »

Becoming the Captain of Your Soul

If you cannot trust any part of your own heart or mind or inner senses, what is left? Yes, trust God…but how do you know what you think you believe is true if you are the ultimate deceiver? Insanity besets you… Instead, we must TAKE BACK responsibility for our own lives! We must stop surrendering our personal power to others, assuming others have it right and we are mistaken.