answering to god – part 2

By | April 15, 2013

So, as promised..part 2…

The question that I posed in my last post was, “How can I live in such a way that I am true to who I believe God has created me to be?” Simply put, here is my current conclusion:

  • Honor my Creator and look for His divine wisdom above all else
  • Look out for others and let their benefit be my motivating force for action (love)
  • Fully embrace and share my God-given gifts, talents, passions, & uniqueness
  • Stop doubting myself & making excuses
  • Live life the best I know how to each day Jumping in God's light

It is said that we will be held accountable for our life here on earth.  How will we answer to God?  Should we cower in fear at the thought of meeting our Maker some day or can we live lives of joy, today, honoring the incredibly amazing life we’ve been entrusted? God is love and in His love, there is no fear.  I choose to trust in a deeply loving God who has created me with purpose.  I trust that I was designed to make a valuable contribution for my generation.  I choose to spread my wings and try to fly, so I can be the blessing I was created to be in this world. I will do my best to live with a clear conscience, with integrity, honesty, love, and all of the spice I was intended to add to the mix.  The rest is details…  I trust that God will be pleased.

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